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ZHUZHOU DONGYA TOOL CO., LTD is a joint-stock company found by ZHUZHOU XIANGFA TOOL CO., LTD and BRAZIL BIG AMERICAN, which is a high-tech foreign-invested enterprise combines the R&D, manufacture with sale of cemented carbide and cemented carbide tools. ZHUZHOU DONGYA TOOL CO.,LTD is located in china cemented carbide base Zhuzhou Lukou Economic Development Zone, introduced in the world advanced production equipment such as pressure sintering furnace, isostatic cool pressing ,automatic pressing machines ,subsequent inner stress relieving processing system and so on. We own complete quality control and check-out equipment. ZHUZHOU DONGYA TOOL CO.,LTD adopts scientific and advanced manufacture technique to ensure its quality and stability. The BIG AMERICAN company supervises the manufacture of the series of BIG AMERICAN products.

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  • 2023-03-24

    Cemented carbide tooling sheet has an important place in industrial manufacturing

    Cemented carbide mould sheet is a high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength and high toughness material made from high hardness metals such as cobalt, tungsten, tantalum, chromium and molybdenum combined with metal or non-metal materials such as iron, nickel and copper.Cemented carbide mould plate material has high temperature and corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation and other characteristics, is widely used in moulds, tools, drills and other fields.The role of carbide mould sheet is very important.Firstly, its high hardness ensures that the die plate stock is wear resistant and has excellent cutting properties and a long service life when machining high hardness, high temperature and high strength materials.Secondly, the high strength and toughness of the carbide die plate stock makes it less susceptible to deformation, cracking and fracture in the process and able to withstand high loads.In addition, the high temperature corrosion resistance of Cemented Carbide Die ...
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  • 2022-10-11

    Come and learn about the characteristics of carbide moulds!

    Although China's carbide started late, but the development is rapid. At present, cemented carbide moulds have basically been serialised and standardised. From the development of recent years, the theory of research and design of cemented carbide mould materials in China has been more in-depth and scientific, and the application is also more extensive. The characteristics of cemented carbide are high hardness, good wear resistance and high compressive strength, thus suitable for making powder metallurgy moulds (such as cemented carbide pressing moulds) and other moulds.1. High hardness and good wear resistanceThe hardness of cemented carbide is second only to that of gold steel and cubic boron nitride, with a hardness range of HRA86 to 94, the ZUI low hardness of cemented carbide (HRA84 to 86) is greater than the ZUI high hardness of tool steel (HRC64 to 69). The wear resistance of high cobalt type carbide moulds is better than that of HRC63 a 65 tool steel, and the mould life is lo...
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  • 2022-10-11

    The hardness and wear resistance of Cemented Carbide is higher than any other type of tooling

    The hardness and wear resistance of cemented carbide is higher than any other kind of mould, but the bending strength and toughness are poor. The carbide used for moulds is tungsten and cobalt. For moulds with low impact and high wear resistance requirements, carbide with lower cobalt content can be used. For high impact moulds, carbide with higher cobalt content can be used.Cemented carbide moulds are used very frequently in industrial production. A metal or non-metallic material is made into a tool with a specific shape and size by means of a press under the action of an external force. Such tools are called moulds. Those that use carbide materials are called carbide dies.Cemented carbide moulds are often available: cold heading dies, cold punching dies, wire drawing dies, hexagonal dies, spiral dies, etc. Cemented carbide itself has high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, so cemented carbide mould parts have a series of exc...
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  • 2022-10-11

    What are the advantages of Cemented Carbide tooling?

    Cemented carbide moulds are more than ten times or even dozens of times the life of steel moulds. Cemented carbide moulds are only high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and small expansion coefficient.YG15, YG20, YG20C, YG25 and HU20, HU222, HWN1 (non-magnetic alloy moulds), etc. The use of primary carbide materials, low-pressure sintering and other special processes, toughness will be better than conventional production, life will also be increased by 3-5 times.Carbide moulds are often available: cold heading dies, cold punching dies, wire drawing dies, hexagonal dies, spiral dies, etc.A, the advantages of carbide mouldsCemented carbide die is a kind of metal powder and a certain amount of corrosion agent with high temperature, high pressure chemical reaction way refined block carbide material, can be in high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion environment long-term stable work. Its main advantages include:1. High hardness and strengt...
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